5 things you’ve always wanted to know about nitrogen generation

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Nitrogen generation is used in a wide range of industries, from food and drink to electronics, and from plastics to pharmaceutical and healthcare.

It serves a variety of different functions, but is most often used for removing unwanted elements from liquids or propelling them through a pipeline. With this point in mind, the colourless, odourless gas is an important part of many products and industries.

PPS Nitrogen Generator skid packageIndustry leaders, Atlas Copco have a wide range of nitrogen generators on offer, including the NGM series, which harnesses advanced membrane technology, and the NGP or NGP+ machines, which operate through Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA). All of these machines offer exceptional purity, between 90%-99.99%.

We at Pennine Pneumatic Services are well aware that you might not be especially knowledgeable about nitrogen. Unless you’re involved in its production, there’s simply no need for you to be. Due to its importance in a great number of industries, though, we feel that you should be made aware of some points.

With this in mind, here are five interesting points that you may not know about nitrogen:

  1. You can produce your own nitrogen from compressed air
  2. Installing a generator to produce your own nitrogen can be more convenient and cost-effective than using storage bottles.
  3. Companies requiring continuous consumption can benefit from installing a nitrogen system.
  4. Standalone plug-and-play nitrogen skid packages will make nitrogen throughout the night, which can then be consumed during the day.
  5. Nitrogen generation reduces costs; rather than returning nitrogen bottles partially full, all the nitrogen you make is consumed.

If you’d like to find out more about nitrogen generation, contact our sales team on 01422 321 772 or email sales@pps.co.com.

Atlas Copco NGP+ application image
Image: Atlas Copco