Contingency Planning – Prepare for the unexpected

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When it comes to running a business, hoping for the best is a very risky strategy. Anyone running air compressors or compressed air machinery should ensure that they plan ahead, not only with scheduled maintenance and servicing but also with contingency planning, including machinery hire.

It takes a bit of extra time and thought, but hire contingency planning is one of the best barriers to loss of production with all its associated costs.

Experts in contingency planning
If you need advice on contingency planning, you have come to the right place. As compressed air system specialists, we can talk you through the options for machinery hire to ensure that your compressed air needs are covered, at a cost and time frame to suit you.

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Reasons for hire contingency planning
One of the main reasons for planning machinery hire is when you are running an ageing machine – especially if it keeps breaking down and your engineers are finding it harder to fix each time.

Rather than wait for disaster to strike, the sensible option is to hire in a machine. This can either replace your current machine while you decide on a new capital purchase, or can be kept as a back-up machine so you won’t be caught out and suffer downtime if your old machine fails.

A second reason for planned machinery hire is if you are expecting to require short-term increased capacity; for example, for a fixed period to cover a large customer order. Alternatively, you might want to hire in a compressor to help manage a steady increase in production, which will allow you to keep up with production while you decide if this is the right capacity and kind of machine for your requirements moving forward.

If you have already suffered a breakdown and you are currently relying on a back-up machine, a hire machine will give you peace of mind while you repair or replace your original machine.

Fork lift truck loading a hire air compressor on to a flat bed truck

Case study: contingency planning
A large multi-national based in West Yorkshire recently came to us looking for contingency hire.

The company was testing some air motors in its testing bay for a client and realised that was going to require an increased supply of air, which its current compressed air system would not be able to provide.

Fortunately, we were able to step in and provide a hire compressor to help them out. They have been an existing service customer of ours for many years, which is why they thought of PPS – however we are equally happy to forge new relationships and hire out to new companies.

Another customer, an automotive supplier, currently has a compressor on short-term contingency hire from us while we look at their energy capacity, including energy usage and recovery, with a view to supplying the business with a new machine.

As the company is committed to purchasing a new machine from us, to maximise return, we’ve put in a free compressor on a short-term hire to ensure that there is contingency standby and avoid downtime if any issues arise while they are waiting to install the new equipment.

While emergency hire can get you out of a tight spot, contingency planning is a smart way of ensuring that you don’t find yourself in difficulty in the first place.