Emergency hire – For today, tomorrow or forever

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Your air compressor has gone down and production has halted. You need a hire compressor and you need it yesterday.

We can’t travel back in time, but we can provide you with a suitable hire machine – and fast.

Experts in emergency hire
Emergency hire is one of our areas of expertise. When disaster strikes, we can get a like-for-like machine out to you, quickly and without fuss.

Graphic showing a logo for emergency hire with a flame on itReasons for needing emergency hire
In most cases, emergency hire is for sites that have suffered a failure. This might be the only compressor on site, or it might be one of several. Either way, you don’t want risk downtime in production, with all the associated financial loss.

The various reasons for needing emergency hire include:

  • Your air compressor breaks down and there’s no back-up machine on site
  • Your air compressor breaks down and your back-up machine doesn’t have enough capacity
  • Your air compressor breaks down and you have a back-up machine but want a hire machine just in case the back-up machine fails
  • You have several air compressors and one fails, leaving you short of capacity
  • You take on additional work with a fast turnaround and find your current air compressor(s) can’t generate enough air

In some cases, a company might hire an additional air compressor as a back-up machine, which subsequently doesn’t get used.

However, it’s best to have the peace of mind that the machine is there, ready for immediate use, if any other machines fail on site.

Emergency hire Atlas Copco Air Compressor on a truck
Atlas Copco Air Compressor on it’s way to an Emergency Hire

Case study: emergency hire
Emergency hire can be a life saver for companies, whether they are running just one or several compressors.

Customers such as dentist surgeries, garages and artisan manufacturers may only have one air compressor on site. As this gets older, it may require maintaining and repairing on a more regular basis and there is a greater likelihood of a breakdown.

In a recent case study, we helped out a company that manufactures products for dental surgeries.

The air compressor they operated ran processes that were crucial to the business, and when it failed they needed an instant replacement. We were able to provide a brand new machine on emergency hire, which they are now considering buying.

While the immediate issue was to help a customer out of a tight spot, we can offer further support with follow-up services. In this case, our sales team are going in to assess the company’s energy needs, to ensure that the machine they end up with will be the correct capacity for their usage.

For example, a customer may be running a fixed speed 45kw air compressor. If it fails, we would replace it with an emergency hire of another 45kw machine so that production can continue. However, data logging might show that they can replace the 45kw machine with a 22kw variable speed (VSD) compressor, which will save them money on their energy bills and offer a speedy payback.

Emergency hire is all in a day’s work for us. We can provide a quick fix to help you out of a tight spot – and then advise on longer term solutions to suit your needs and budget.