Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Compressed Air System

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logo to show CO2 reductionRunning a business encompasses a broad range of costs, many of which can spiral out of control if not closely monitored; your compressed air system is no exception. Air is free but compressed air isn’t.
However, by taking the appropriate steps, you can lower your overheads and simultaneously make your equipment more energy efficient. Here are our top five tips for improving the energy efficiency of your compressed air system:

1. Spot Leaks

Here at Pennine Pneumatic Services, we are strong advocates for running regular maintenance checks on your compressed air system to help optimise its functionality; this includes monitoring for pressure variations and spotting any potential leaks in areas such as the pipe joints, valves, and seals. Leaks have a significant impact on the energy efficiency and can be extremely costly in the long term as they reduce the performance efficiency of your equipment, thereby causing you to compensate with increased system pressure and running time.

2. Improve Energy Efficiency by Monitoring Air Quality

Moisture and dirt particles in the air can encourage blockages in your air compressor, promote the build-up of residue, reduce capacity, and cause rusting within your pipes, all of which hinder productivity and potentially incur expensive repair costs down the line. Your air filters will remove harmful dirt and other pollutants from air intake by your compressor, therefore it is advisable to check and clean these regularly.

Image showing Atlas Copco Energy Recovery unit

3. Recycle Heat Waste

A large proportion of the energy used by your air compressor is converted into heat and then lost, so why not recover this and make your system more energy efficient? An effective cooler system will allow you to revert this expelled heat back into the production process or even use it as a heating source for your building.

4. Use Energy Efficient Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

As a premier distributor for Atlas Copco, we have seen first-hand the energy savings achieved by our customers. There is the potential to save up to 50% on your compressed air energy bill when switching to a Variable Speed Drive Plus (VSD+) air compressor or vacuum pump; moreover, this state of the art technology from Atlas Copco can dramatically reduce lifecycle costs.

5. Arrange an Energy Audit for Your Air Compressor

Sometimes you need a professional to locate the optimum improvement areas for your compressed air system. We are pleased to be able to offer a free compressed air energy audit, wherein we will conduct a thorough and in-depth survey of your equipment; from this, we will closely evaluate the collated data and provide the best solutions for improving the energy efficiency of system. This may include an air compressor or vacuum pump upgrade, changes to your pneumatics, repairing leaky pipework or installing energy recovery units.

Why wait any longer to improve your compressed air system? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today to find out more about our free compressed air energy audit services and to see which products could benefit your business. You can reach us by calling 01422 321 772 or by completing our quick and simple online contact form.