Meet the Supplier: Atlas Copco – From Diesel to Dinosaurs

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Atlas Copco air compressors

At Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS) we are proud of our partershio with many of the top suppliers of air compressors, vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators, pneumatics and ancillary equipment.

The focus of this article is one of our key suppliers, Atlas Copco, a world leader in its field.

Read on for more information on Atlas Copco’s history – and to find out why a dinosaur was named after the company!

Early history

Foundation – Atlas Copco has its roots in a company called AB Atlas, founded in 1873.

First Managing Director – Edvard Fränckel, a Swedish industrialist, politician and senior official at Sweden’s state railway.

First products – construction and operational products for rail.

Renamed as – Nya Atlas in 1890, now with three key production branches: locomotives, industrial central heating, and tool machinery.

Pneumatic department created – 1901.

First own piston compressor developed – 1904.

Renamed again as – Atlas Diesel, after Nya Atlas merges with Diesels Motorer; now supplying diesel engines, pneumatics and air compressors.

Named Atlas Copco in – 1956. Having grown through expansion and acquisition following the Second World War, the company ceased manufacturing diesel and took on its current name.

sweden-flag-std_2Where is the company based?

Headquarters – Stockholm, Sweden

UK base – Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Distribution – customer centres in around 90 countries, sales hubs in around 180 countries.

What are the key products and services that Atlas Copco supplies to PPS?

Picture of the Atlas Copco GHS modelAir compressors – including the latest VSD and VSD+ energy-saving systems. The early prototypes were further developed at Atlas Copco’s factory in Belgium and a VSD-controlled compressor was launched in 1994.

Vacuum pumps – including the GHS VSD+ series of oil-sealed rotary screw machines, which offer excellent performance and efficiency, quiet operation and low environmental impact, and the latest DZS dry claw technology.


  • Oil and gas treatment equipment
  • Air management systems
  • Gas and process compressors
  • Exhaust management systems
  • Valves
  • Industrial power tools
  • Mining equipment

What are the major benefits these products bring to our customers?

The latest Atlas Copco products have many key features and benefits, including;

  • Energy savings – lower energy usage can lead to up to 50% savings on energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly – efficient machines using less energy are better for the environment
  • Reliability – less downtime and lower repair billsEnergy-audit
  • Small footprint machinery – saves space in the workplace
  • Quieter running – better for operatives’ health

And what about that dinosaur?

A new species of dinosaur discovered in Australia was named Atlascopcosauras loadsi, after the company gave assistance and equipment to help with the excavation (the loadsi part of the name was after Bill Loads, Atlas Copco’s manager in Victoria). The dinosaur was a plant-eating creature with an estimated length of two to four metres and weight of around 125 kilos.


A great partnership

PPS won Atlas Copco distributorship in September 1991, shortly after its foundation, and is proud to have been awarded the Atlas Copco Distributor of the Year award on three occasions (1994, 2013 and 2015).

We will continue to champion existing and new products made by Atlas Copco for all the benefits they bring to our customers.

For more information on Atlas Copco products, contact the PPS sales team on 01422 321 772 or email: