Planned Shutdown – Short term support for long term gains

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How air compressor hire can support you

Planned shutdowns often take place out of working hours to cause minimum disruption to the production schedule.

However, this isn’t always possible, for example on sites with 24/7 production, or when major work or a site move is taking place. In certain instances, air compressor hire can help support you through a planned shutdown.

Experts in planned shutdown air compressor hire

Our engineers are factory trained, with extensive experience in supplying the right hire machinery during a shutdown.Planned shutdown infographic showing logo and text

Reasons for planned shutdown air compressor hire

Having a strategy in place is vital when it comes to planned shutdowns. The key is in the word “planned” – careful preparations should be made before the shutdown takes place, with clearly communicated, step-by-step plans.

Reasons for planned shutdown hire might include:

  • Using a hire air compressor as back-up in case an issue arises with an existing air compressor during shutdown
  • Hiring an air compressor to continue or boost the provision of compressed air while your factory is expanded
  • Ensuring continual compressed air supply at an old site through hire machinery, while your existing air compressor is installed in new premises, or installing a hire machine at a new site to test out equipment before your air compressor is moved over.Atlas Copco GA7 air compressor having an off hire inspection

Case study: planned shutdown hire

Recently, Simm Engineering Group (part of the PPS Group) was able to help a customer with planned shutdown hire. The client is a manufacturer based in South Yorkshire, planning a move to a new factory, which they were having fitted out.

The company’s existing air compressor was taken into the Simm workshop to undergo an overhaul prior to the move. Once serviced and given a clean bill of health, it was ready to be transported to the new site and attached to brand new pipework, which Simm had installed.

While the existing air compressor was being serviced, Simm installed a hire machine as a temporary replacement at the customer’s old factory. This allowed the customer to continue their business activities with no downtime and no loss of production.


Any planned shutdown will be more successful if you spend time preparing. If this means getting in touch with someone about compressor hire for short-term cover, we will be happy to help. Give us a call on 01422 321 772, or fill out one of our online contact forms.