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How air compressor hire can help with research and development

When it comes to capital expenditure, the last thing any company wants to do is make a snap decision. Rushing into a purchase with a pushy salesperson could leave you short of capacity or paying too much for a machine that provides more air than you need.

One way of testing the water is to hire an air compressor, which can then be used for research and development.

Experts in research and development hire
Because we know compressors inside out, we can help you work out the right air compressor system for your needs and we are happy to hire out machinery to be tested with your current production schedule.Research and development - infographic, for when you need to test the waters

Reasons for research and development hire
The main reason is that you are not yet sure what your requirements might be and you want to try out a few options.

The benefit of hiring a compressor before you buy is that you can see how the machine operates within your system. New machines, especially the latest Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD and VSD+) machines often require a lot less energy to provide the same air flow as an old fixed-speed compressor.

A picture of the PPS Air Compressor hire fleet

Case study: research and development hire
A long-standing service customer of ours based in West Yorkshire hired out two machines from us when production increased and they needed additional air. These machines are now supporting the company while we prepare a quotation for capital expenditure to help the business manage growth moving forward.

The two hire machines were delivered and installed over a short period of time to cope with increased production, when extra air was needed quickly. However, now that they are in place, we have been able to help with the longer term plans that the company has for growth, by investigating the best options for a new compressor and fresh pipework to increase capacity, reduce leakage and lower energy bills.

The new machinery and equipment has now been ordered and the hire machines will support the company until this is installed.

Another client we have been able to help out is a food manufacturer with multiple sites across the country. While the company is working out its requirements in preparation for making a decision on capital expenditure, we have been able to support the business with long-term hires across several sites in the north of England. These machines are being used to provide increased capacity and as back-ups to give the company full standby. While some of the machines are being used as back-ups only, the company can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that this will save them a lot of money if any of the main air compressors fail.

Forward-thinking companies will continually conduct research and development across their business, and machine hire can help support the everyday running of the company while these activities are carried out.

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