Free Energy Audits

Take advantage of our free energy audit offer and find out how you can save on energy usage and costs.

Underperforming and oversized compressors can add up to significantly higher energy bills over the course of a year. An energy audit will give an accurate account of your plant’s compressed air demand, pressure and cycle to identify energy costs and where savings can be made.

Energy saving solutions with no downtime.

Each audit is non-intrusive and battery driven so there will be no loss in production while we carry it out. The data logger is left on for one week (168 hours) to enable a true figure to be calculated on air demand and kWh consumed.

Our operators use the latest data logging, pressure logging and flow meter logging to produce detailed readings, then analyse the results to identify potential energy savings.

Once the energy audit is completed, you will receive a full presentation with a calculation of your potential savings, along with recommendations and quotations.

Final reports will highlight the following:

  • Current system efficiencies
  • Matching the air output of your compressor to actual demand
  • Recommendations for energy efficient air compressors or vacuum pumps
  • Pressure setting recommendations
  • Calculations on energy recovery (hot water/air)

Things to consider for energy reduction:

  • For every 0.5 bar (7.25 psi) reduction in system pressure, 3% to 4% can be saved in energy consumed at generation. Pressure reduction will also reduce the overall leakage cost.
  • Turn your compressors off when not required such as lunch breaks and at the end of shift. A simple timer switch can be the solution for this.
  • Install zoning valves to isolate sections of the system when not required
  • Blocked line filters will cause pressure problems and increased energy costs due to restrictions
  • Air system pipework that is too small in diameter can cause restrictions and use more energy due to increased pressure to eradicate pressure drop in production. This can be picked up with pressure logging at multiple points.

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