Tales from the Trade Counter, Rumours, offers and holidays…

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Stewart Burton, Stores Manager here.

It’s business as usual here at the Sales Counter, although I understand there has been a bit of turmoil in the outside world. Here’s it’s steady away.

Scotching the rumours…

While I’ve been drawing on my management skills to run the Sales Counter forsome years now, just to make it absolutely clear, I can categorically state that Iam not currently in the running to lead any of the political parties, present Top Gear or manage the England football team. (To be fair I’m not a big football fan; I’ll watch if England’s playing – although they haven’t been doing much of that recently.)

That doesn’t mean there won’t be promotions at PPS – but of a different kind. Most recently, our PCL promotion on quick release couplings, air tools and tyre gauges proved popular, and there will be another one soon for hoses and hose fitting – watch this space.

A well-earned break

As holiday season is on the horizon, I have a well-earned break coming up. But don’t worry, the Sales Counter will be safe in Ethan’s capable hands, although he might not be as generous as I am with the free mints.

The plan is to get a bit of decorating done at home – I find it very therapeutic, just like ironing. Before you ask, yes, I iron, hoover and share the chores at home just like any other modern fella.

If the weather holds, I’ll probably potter about a bit in the garden or play with the dog. He’s a Cairn terrier – I’m not saying he’s small but he plays fetch with a golf ball. He’s 14 now and wobbles when he walks, a bit like me, although he manages to get up on the sofa if you throw him a chip.

Otherwise, it’ll be a black-and-white film on TCM. Something like Ice Cold in Alex, one of my all-time favourites – one of those movies you can watch dozens of times and still enjoy.

Feel free to drop by

If you need any parts or tools, it’s always worth giving us a call or dropping in – we’re open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll be happy to recommend an alternative or suggest another supplier who might be able to help.

PDF version available here Rumours, offers and holidays July